Transplant approvals

Innovation in regulation – the start of a critical conversation

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Earlier this year the Minister for Innovation laid out a challenge to health regulators, the Professional Standards Authority, NICE and NHSX during an unprecedented roundtable. If the post-Brexit ambition, as outlined in the government’s Life Sciences Vision, is to provide a world-class regulatory environment that benefits patients and the public while also promoting jobs, growth, and investment, how do we collectively 

Guidance for transplant teams and Independent Assessors

Clinicians and transplant teams are responsible for the overall care of donors and recipients, and for assessing the medical suitability of potential donors. The Regulations require the clinician with responsibility for the donor to refer the matter to the HTA.  As part of this referral specific information, certain assurances are required to ensure the legislative requirements are addressed.

The more things change, the more they remain the same

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Our Chief Executive Allan Marriott-Smith takes a look back over the last decade of the HTA.

I’m sure I’m not alone in the thinking that coming to the end of another decade has relatively few highlights. I can say for certain that in January 2020 I’m older, greyer and wrinklier than in 2010, and my knees have seen better days.