Human application

Sector-focused stakeholder engagement

We recently started a new programme of sector-focused stakeholder engagement forums starting with leaders from the Human Application, ODT, Anatomy and Post Mortem sectors, where the Terms of Reference were agreed. We’re looking forward to further forums later in the year.

The forums have three functions:

  • to provide a forum to discuss sector-focused regulatory issues 

  • to consider regulatory policies and practice

  • to share relevant regulatory concerns, knowledge, insight, and intelligence.

Inspection reports from the last 7 days

Submitted by Hannah Smith on

We’ve published 6 new inspection reports from establishments in human application, research, and post-mortem sectors.

On inspections we look at compliance with HTA standards including consent, governance and quality systems, traceability, and premises, facilities and equipment. We check whether there are any minor, major or critical shortfalls against these standards.

Read the latest reports: