Sector-focused stakeholder engagement

We recently started a new programme of sector-focused stakeholder engagement forums starting with leaders from the Human Application, ODT, Anatomy and Post Mortem sectors, where the Terms of Reference were agreed. We’re looking forward to further forums later in the year.

The forums have three functions:

  • to provide a forum to discuss sector-focused regulatory issues 

  • to consider regulatory policies and practice

  • to share relevant regulatory concerns, knowledge, insight, and intelligence.

Updates to Anatomy sector Licensing Standards and Guidance

Submitted by Tom Parker on

Today we’ve published an updated version of our Anatomy sector Licensing Standards and Guidance


The updated version was informed by an internal review and engagement with external stakeholders.


In making these updates, we have also taken into account the revisions that we made to the guidance that supports our Post Mortem sector licensing standards in 2022.



Filming or photographing of bodies or body parts that have been donated

This guidance is for anyone considering filming or taking photographs of a body or body parts donated to a medical school or surgical training centre, or activities taking place within those settings. When we refer to photography and filming in this guidance, we intend to capture any recorded, still or live-images, regardless of how they are shown.